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Henoto is the ideal partner for your set-up. Select the event of your interest from those below, access the dedicated website or StandUp to view the solutions suited to your needs or request information via our contact form: our sales team will contact you as soon as possible.

Fiere ed eventi italiani in cui saremo allestitori

BOLOGNA | 19-22 Ottobre 2022
Fiera Bovino-Fiere Zootecniche
CREMONA | 28-30 Ottobre 2022
RIMINI | 8-11 November 2022
MILANO | 8-13 November 2022
BOLOGNA | 9-13 November 2022
Biennale Arte Venezia
VENEZIA | 23 Aprile-27 November 2022

Fiere ed eventi esteri in cui saremo allestitori

DÜSSELDORF | 19-26 October 2022